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Our New Home

It gives us great pleasure to bring to your attention our imminent relocation to Cedara Village which is about 17 kilometers out of Pietermaritzburg.

Due to expansion, we have outgrown our present premises. The size of our new place is 21 acres. It has an existing double story building on it and is situated right next to the main Durban-Johannesburg N3 freeway. Two way access is through the Cedara off-ramp.

This area is part of the Midlands Meander which is one of the most beautiful countrysides of South Africa. The fresh air, streams, hills and greenery are simply breathtaking.

We are building a purpose built centre that will cater for the present and future blind students attending our institution from different parts of the world.

Together with their academic studies they will also have the opportunity of enjoying recreational and life skill facilities. Our teachers will also stay on the farm.

In this Holy month of Ramadaan wherein every reward is multiplied 7000 times by Allah Ta’aala, we take this opportunity of requesting you to generously contribute your (Lillah) donations to our building project.

Much renovations and work still need to be done on the present premises.
Further details will be posted on our website.

We have full confidence that your contributions will assist in fulfilling the needs of “A WORLD’S FIRST ONE-STOP ISLAMIC CENTRE FOR THE BLIND” Inshallah.

May Allah Ta’ala turn our vision into reality and may He reward you for your generosity in this world and in the Hereafter for assisting the Blind in this Holy month of Ramadaan, Aameen.

Cedara Blind Foundation International Details
PBO No: 930022982
NPO No: 058-007
Trust Reg. No: IT491/2006/PMB

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