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Latest Progress at Our New Home

The work has steadily begun for the construction of Madrassa An-Noor for the Blind’s new home in Cedara. Alhamdu lil Allah, the informal settlers that were illegally occupying our land have now been vacated and we are currently fencing the property off for safety purposes.

Our architect is Hafez Abdullah Abbas, who hails from Johannesburg. His previous projects include a design for a zoo for the blind. Ismail Cassimjee is our local architect and Faizel Bayat our local site engineer. Our team is currently busy with the master plan, and once it has been completed, it will be posted onto our website.

On the property, there presently exists the old “A. A. Khan” building, a rustic but thoroughly solid structure. It comprises of three shops situated on the ground floor and seven bedrooms housed on the second. For our first phase, this structure is being renovated with the initial shops on the ground floor being converted into classrooms. The residence lodgings above will serve as the boarding area for our students and will include kitchen and laundry facilities. Presently the following renovations are underway

A new borehole has been dug and tanks for storing water have been installed. Alhumdu lil Allah, we have sweet and abundant water.

Due to the roof initially having many leaks, it has now been entirely replaced with new corrugated sheeting.

The bath areas have been revamped, with the extraction of the old bath tubs and the installation of simple shower cubicles in their place.

The outdated electrical, sewage and plumbing systems are currently being replaced with new wires and pipes.

Although the original parquet floors will be retained, there is a need for further tiling work to be done.

Insha Allah, we will be building a Masjid on the property that will be easily accessible for travellers on the N3 highway. There will also be a special women’s Salaat area and facilities for refreshing oneself.

Our appeal to you is to make Du’aa that Allah makes easy the completion of this monumental project. Your financial assistance is requested. We also accept donations in the form of building materials and supplies. Please note that only Lillah donations can be used for our building project. You are most welcome to visit our site, to which we hope to move to in early 2010. Insha Allah.

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