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The Man with the Magic Touch

Ayurvedic and Unani medicines are as old as the historic monuments of India. Both these find their roots in natural or herbal resources.

In today’s organic culture, they are once again internationally popular and sought after, for their innumerable benefits, such as the total absence of harmful side effects, and their effective results. A person who masters the science of herbal healing is known as a Hakeem.

Diagnosis is the most challenging and difficult part of this course and as such, a Hakeem’s skill will be judged and graded by the accuracy of his pronouncement. The traditional norm of diagnosis formulation is reversed as, when a patient consults with a Hakeem, it is the Hakeem who would disclose in miniscule detail his various symptoms, ultimately deciphering the ailment, and not the other way around. He will gauge your individual ailment just by observing your Nabz, or pulse.

The more detailed or informed the prognosis of the Hakeem (informing one of past and present illnesses and mysterious aches and pains experienced by the cure seeker) the greater the magnitude of the Hakeems ability. Hakeem Sameer Mansuri Saheb, however, who studied Hikmat under the noble guidance of an 85 year old grandmaster in Hyderabad, Deccan, possesses skill and aptitude that is uniquely profound.

He does not possess the facility of simply providing diagnosis by visually noting tell-tale, obvious bodily indications or clues, as he is blind. His methods are simple: merely by holding your hands for a few minutes, and his pronouncement is as proverbial as those of the Hakeem’s of the Mogul Era. His medicines are derived of “ASLI”, or original ingredients like amber and musk.

Allah (SWT) has blessed him with the ability to cure patients who were pronounced incurable by conventional doctors. Hakeem Saheb and his wife (who is a revert to Islam and is also blind) are deeply committed to the study of the Quraan.

May Allah (SWT) be with them. Ameen.


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