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Hanif Mankar who hails from Ahmadabad, India, is an exuberantly cheery and happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Addressing even strangers with a vibrantly loud, baritone voice he is optimally suited to his job as a cashier at the State Bank of India. He has a wonderfully uplifting and inspirational story to share with us.

“During my job of counting coins and notes as a blind cashier at the State bank of India, I came across a note that did not seem “right”. I immediately informed my sighted colleague next to me about this, and asked him to please verify the invalidity of the note. After examining it, he, however, said that it was in good condition, absolutely perfect. He further added that I should not make a fuss over nothing. Vehemently standing my ground, I said, “Sorry, I will not allow this note to pass through. Please call the manager.” Upon checking the note, the manager too, expressed the same opinion as my colleague. Refusing to back down, I asked the manager to check with the machine. We discovered after this process that this was indeed a counterfeit note.

After I was showered with congratulations, amid many back slaps and the like, I was asked by my sighted colleague as to how I, as a blind man, was able to detect that the note was a counterfeit, when he could not.

“Well”, I replied. Checkmate”, the paper felt different.” Hanif is deeply devoted to the Holy Qur’aan and will Insha’Allah be attending Qur’aanic Braille classes in Jalgaon, India


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