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Meal Times at Madressa Noor for the Blind


At Madressa Noor for the Blind, our students need to be at their physical and mental best in order to stay alert, be able to concentrate and feel active and healthy: all important to effective learning. For these reasons, we offer our students a wholesome, balanced menu that is varied and enjoyable as well as healthy.

On a monthly basis, our generous donors and friends send groceries, vegetables, meat, spices etc to the Madrassa. All goods are accounted for by our boarding manager Ml Irshaad, and are divided into daily portions as required and thereafter prepared by our resident cook, Dawood Bhai. Meals are served in our dining area by assistants Ebrahim, Mohamed and Sheikh Hussein.

During the month of Ramadaan students are treated to special meals and treats for Sehri and Iftaar that are sent by our big-hearted mothers and their families in Pietermaritzburg.

Sometimes, our students prepare their own traditional meals and confectionery in the kitchen with the assistance of fellow students and our cooks. Khalid Bhai of Guyana who is blind, and who previously worked in a bakery, makes mouth-watering doughnuts .

May Allah reward all our sponsors, friends and their families. Oh Allah feed those that give us food and drink, and make us Muslims. Ameen.

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