Principals Report Friday, 11 December 2020 / 25 Rabi Al-Akhar 1442 

All Praise is due to Almighty Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and Peace and Salutations be upon our Beloved Prophet Nabi Muhammad (SAW).

Respected Ulama Kiraam, Brothers, Sisters and Children.

As Salaam u Alaikum Warahma tu Allah i Wabaraka tuh

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Wa Marhaban. Welcome to our Jalsa .

Due to the present abnormal circumstances of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions this year 2020, we now conduct our Jalsa virtually online.

We miss not inviting all our brothers and sisters for lunch as we did in our previous Jalsas.We hope you will understand our difficulty.

Alhamdu lil Allah, this year, Abdul Nasir (Ethiopia) and Abu Bakr Tunkara (Gambia) are graduating as Haafiz-ul-Qur'an and two students, Moulana Wijaya bin Abdul Somad (Indonesia) and Moulana Ebrahim Khamis (Tanzania) are completing their Aalim course. They will soon be reading their last Hadith of Sahih al-Bukhari tonight, Insha'Allah.

Alhamdu lil Allah, we have approximately fifty students studying at Madrassa An-Noor and they come from twenty countries and all of them board and lodge at the Madrassa. We also have a few day scholars.

Due to the lockdown, we have been providing online classes to learn the Qur'an. Our students include Brother Haseeb Ahmed (India), Brother Adam Salaah (Switzerland), Sister Tia Cassinelli (Australia), Sister Nurul Hikmah (Indonesia) and Sister Ruwaida Smith (Cape Town)

Anyone wishing to join our online classes are welcome.

Our new Ustad Moulana Danyaal Sharief is now responsible for overseeing of the Arabic literary department. Our fourth-year students have also completed the 'Shaatbiya' and will be shortly commencing with the Ijraa where they will be implementing the seven different Qiraa'aat modes in their recitation under the tutelage of their Ustaad, Moulana Moosa Suleman.

We also have a weekly Anjuman or program wherein students are divided into groups and present a complete program consisting of Qira'at, Bayaans, Nazams and Poetry. Teachers are present to assess and mentor the students. These programs equip the students with the necessary skills and experience required for public speaking and da'wah.

Throughout the year we consistently hold numerous programs and competitions such as our Annual Qiraat, Nazam and Bayan Jalsas. Our students look forward to these opportunities to display their talents while competing with each other. Each Jalsa is adjudicated by external Ulama and Qurra.

We also conduct Arabic and English Braille, Qur'an Diction, English Spelling Bee, Mathematics and Computer Olympiads during the year. Participants are judged and prizes are awarded to the winners.

With regards to Life skills, Orientation Mobility, we have conducted 6 virtual Zoom training sessions with brother Bashir Ebrahim of Vision Australia. The K-12 International Orientation and Mobility curriculum which entails laterality, balance, trailing, navigation, body protection etc has been covered.

Brother Mustapha and Sheikh Hussain are our computer trainers teaching computer literacy according to the different levels of our students. They are taught to use screen narration programs in English and Arabic.

Since last year we have exported full shipping containers of the Braille Qur'an and Hadith books to India and to Kenya. Our aim is that every blind person should have a Braille Qur'an and every Masjid in the world should have a copy available, Insha'Allah. We are currently producing Qur'ans for Thailand, Insha'Allah.

Alhamdu lil Allah, after constructing the multi-purpose hall we are almost finished with the building of our education and administration block during the course of the lockdown.

Presently we are excavating and filling to make the platform for our Masjid. Once the land settles, we will start construction of the Masjid, Insha'Allah.

Excavation is also taking place to accommodate our extension to the new Braille Press building. This will accommodate the high stacking required for storage and for dispatch, Insha'Allah.

Alhamdulillah, our Maktab program is one of our major focus areas for our outreach efforts. This year we also established Maktabs in Albania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Malawi and now Kenya.

A Maktab can be established for the blind anywhere in the world using our Blind Islamic Multimedia Program (BIMP). This program includes the Braille Qur'an and various Islamic books with human and robotic voices.

In addition to providing free Islamic audiobooks for download on our website (, we have now offer over 2000 PDF books which are available for free download.

We have had two teachers from Yemen, Brother Muhammad Ahmed Ali Moosa and Brother Ali Uthman Ebrahim Haqli who completed the "teach the teachers" training course. They were referred to us by Gift of the Givers. Should anyone wish to copy our model, we are ready to assist, Insha Allah.

We also attended the 4th all India Braille Qur'an conference that was convened by Madrassa Noor Ul Qur'an for the Blind in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The conference took place on the 8th and 9th of February 2020. Delegates from over 10 states from different parts of India attended.

Alhamdulillah, in these two days many matters were discussed regarding upliftment of Islamic education for the blind

Once all our buildings are completed then we will start arrangements for facilities for our blind sisters as per Purda requirements, Insha Allah.

Very sadly, M Macci Murchie's wife and my beloved mother passed away. May Allah grant them Jannatul Firdaus and we request your Duas on their behalf.

We also assist financially to our social challenges that include medical assistance, food, rent and housing. We also 'Match Make' suitable partners for our blind brothers and sisters around the world. This year we convened an old student's reunion at Madrassa An-Noor for our males and females. The positive feedback was very encouraging.

Respected Brothers and Sisters, Madrassa An-Noor for the Blind would not be possible without Allah's Fadhl and mercy. Your Duas, assistance and support is sought by us and appreciated. It is only Almighty Allah who can reward you. May Almighty Allah continuously bless you.

May Allah bless your Parents, Families, Teachers, Trustees, Donors, Supporters, Well wishers and each and every one of you. We especially need to mention our appreciation to the communities of Howick, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa and the whole Ummah.

Insha Allah our mission wherein every blind person in the world be guided to the Light and Noor of Islam will continue (Bi Idhnil Allah)

May Allah Ta'ala forgive us our shortcomings and accept our efforts and reward us all in this world and the Hereafter. Ameen

Hassan AK Murchie