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Report of South America Trip


Throughout the trip through South America we observed the wonderful Dawah being carried out by a Jamaat from South Africa which has settled there. We also learnt that there are some blind girls living in Brazil, hailing originally from Palestine. They wish to learn the Holy Quran in Braille. Moulana Abdullah Patel of Panama, who had graduated as an Aalim and Sabah Ash'ara Qari from Madrassa An Noor for the Blind, was to go back home to pursue this work of Deen.

So on the 10th of October 2017, our principal Moulana Hassan AK Murchie and Moulana Abdullah Patel departed for Sao Paulo. Our mission for this trip was also to explore the situation of Deeni education for the Blind and the disabled in that part of the world. Moulana Abdullah's mother tongue is Spanish and it would easy for him to work there.
Upon landing, we were met by Moulana Imran Haji. Alhamdulillah, we had a program at the local Masjid. The Imaam of this Musjid is originally from Mozambique. At most of the venues we visited, Moulana Abdullah recited some verses of the Holy Qur'an in the seven different Qir'aat styles and Moulana Murchie addressed the congregation. This was then translated into Portuguese or Spanish.
The next day, we departed for Foz Iguacu. This is a border town between Brazil and Paraguay and it has a special area where duty free goods can be purchased for a bargain. In Ciudad del Este, we stayed at a Masjid that is frequented by the Bangladeshi community. In the evening, the whole town was invited to a meal prepared in our honour.
We visited the world famous Iguacu Falls that forms a natural border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. It was very beautiful and Moulana Abdullah, who stood on a platform close to the waterfall, enjoyed the sensation of the waterfall spray.
The next day we flew over to Porto Alegre. Alhamdulillah, we had the opportunity to meet with many brothers who are new reverts to Islam. Their life stories brought tears to our eyes, most especially the fact that they felt that the truth of Islam was kept away from them.
We then took a bus to Santana do Livramento which is also a small border town between Argentina and Brazil. Alhamdulillah, Moulana Abdullah Gani who is from Pietermaritzburg and who now lives in Chui, came to meet us after a long bus ride. We presented to him the Braille Quran that we brought especially from South Africa for our blind sisters.
We were warmly welcomed by the local Arab brothers and we had a chance to deliver some words of advice and Naseeha. The strong, vibrant Deeni environment in this town is tangible. The Masjid always full for Salaah, with the local brothers constantly hugging, greeting and feeding you. Upon Moulana Abdullah's Quran recital, a local poet composed a poem on his behalf in Arabic.
From Santana de Lorentino, we departed by bus for Montevideo in Uruguay. In Montevideo you will find a Masjid that was built by immigrant Muslims over 70 years ago on the main Beach. This musjid is now closed and converted into a Museum. We pray to Allah that Salaah takes place there again. Ameen.
From Montevideo, we took the huge Buquebus ferry into Buenos Aires. Upon our landing, the South African Ulama received us warmly and we departed straight to Darul Uloom Madrassa Hazimi in Quilmes. We were extremely impressed to see the high level of dedication and sacrifice by the Ustads and their families. The teachers and workers are constantly focused upon the importance of the eight Intentions (Niyaat.) If all of us implement this teaching of Niyaat into our lives, then blessings and the aid of Almighty Allah will flow upon us.
We then departed for Santiago, Chili. Moulana Jada & Moulana Haffejee received us warmly as we visited the two Masjids there. At all our venues, we demonstrated to the people how easy it is to teach a Blind person to read the Holy Qur'an with Madrassa An Noor for the Blind's Instant Braille Qur'an (Qaaida) primer.
On Sunday the 21 October we landed in Panama City. This is Moulana Abdullah's hometown and everyone was very happy to meet him. May Almighty Allah accept all our efforts and forgive us for our mistakes and may He accept us all, Aameen.

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