30th Year Anniversary / Old Boys Reunion

MNB had for the first time in its history invited all its past “Abna-e-Qadeem” Old Boys to a Reunion from around the world upon reaching this milestone. Alhumdu lil Allah, this program was very successful in networking amongst all our past alumni. SWOT analysis was conducted to enhance our work and delivery.

Attended by:

Ml Waqar Younus – Pakistan
Ml Hasan Khitome Muuo – Kenya
Ml Khalid Boodhoo – Guyana, South America
Ml Abdullah Patel – Panama
Ml Hassan Kaja – Democratic Republic of Congo
Ml Hussein Kabangele – Democratic Republic of Congo
Ml Adbullah Hodgson – United Kingdom
Ml Umar Bhoola – United Kingdom
Ml M. Islah Busakorn – Thailand
Ml Hassan Tosen – Thailand
Ml Muhammad Ali – Malaysia
Ml Asyid Abubakr – Malaysia
Sh Abdurashid Mazolf – Lesotho

Workshops held for ex students

Admin & Management Training – Ml. Hassan Murchie
Combating Shiasm – Mufti Azhar Seedat
Understanding Salafism – Ml. M Abassomar
The Maktab System – Ml. Yusuf Desai
Conducting On-Line Classes – Br. M Chimanga
Panel Discussion – Conducted by our Teachers