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Our Courses


A Maktab is a “Junior Madrassa” where reading, memorizing, illustrations and melodious recitations of the Holy Qur’ân take place. It is the first institution where children study about Islam. Young minds learn about Almighty God (Allah) and his final Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who is the greatest benefactor to humanity. They are taught in their mother tongues about their faith by dedicated teachers around the world. The Maktab/Madrassa has a syllabus with structured books written by Ulema and caters for all ages and standards from elementary to high. At Madrassa An-Noor, the blind study Islam equally like their sighted friends. The only difference is that they use the language of Braille to read and write.

Subjects taught are:

  • The Holy Qur’ân
  • Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)
  • Aqaaid (Islamic beliefs)
  • Akhlaaq (Islamic Morals & Ethics)
  • History & Hadith (Prophets Traditions)

Tahfeezul Qur’ân

The Holy Qur’ân is the word of Almighty God (Allah), the Lord of the Worlds, which was revealed in Arabic to the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) approximately 1400 years ago by the Angel Jibraeel. It is the most read book in the world. It is memorized letter by letter, word for word. No single dot of the Qur’ân has been changed or altered since its revelation.

Every year, during the month of Ramadaan; all 30 chapters are recited from memory in congregational prayer at Mosques around the world. The person who memorizes this divine book is known as a “Hafiz ul Qur’ân” and is highly honoured. It takes a person about 3 years to memorize the Holy Qur’ân. Our blind students use a Braille Qur’ân that is in six volumes. A “Hafiz” will spend his entire life safeguarding the Holy Qur’ân.

Imaam Dawah

An Imaam is the leader of the Muslim community. He leads the five daily Salaah or prayers of his congregation and is involved in society’s milestones of births, marriages and death. His arbitration and counseling skills are necessary for the challenges of his community. He teaches the Holy Qur’ân to the children in his locality and he oversees their dietary and slaughter requirements in ensuring that all food consumed is pure and “Halaal”.

The Imam’s wisdom is sought in cases of disputes. On Friday, he delivers the Khutbah or sermon. His most important role is propagation or “Dawah”, which is to invite people to the way of Goodness and to stop them from evil as shown by Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) The period for the Imaam Dawah course is three years.

Aalim / Ulama

The Ulama are highly qualified Islamic scholars who study a varied field of sciences. They specialize in the commentary (Tafseer) of the Holy Qur’ân and in the Sunnah (Traditions) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) They will master the Arabic language. Most philosophies and civilizations will be examined. An Aalim will study prosaic matters from personal hygiene, engage in vibrant issues of economics and statehood and discuss solemn matters of inheritance, war, and life after death.

Islam is a way of life which combines the secular and spiritual realms of man. The Ulama are the interpreters for this system which is known as “Shariah”. The Ulama are considered to be the Inheritors of the Prophets. They must serve the whole of humanity with wisdom and compassion. The Aalim course is completed over six years. In the final year, the “As-Sihah As-Sittah” or six authentic books of the Sunnah are completed. All text books for this course are available in Arabic Braille.